About a month ago, an old friend sent me a link to this article: The Power of a Fear-Based Fitness Plan. Much of the articles resonates with my WTM journey. However, I wouldn’t say that my motivation came from fear or even for fitness. I chose World’s Toughest Mudder because I knew that it would take something of that magnitude to help me transform from what I had let myself become into who I wanted to be. The possibility of choosing a goal so big that I would be forced to reinvent myself was both motivating and exciting.

I look back at all I’ve done this year and I feel proud of my accomplishments. It’s taken a lot of hard work and sacrifices. I’ve had plenty of encouragement and my fair share of criticism. Without a doubt, this year feels like a new page in a whole new chapter of my life. It’s been a time of focusing on my strengths, accepting my weaknesses, and then turning them into strengths. I think my most valuable lesson has been to keep pushing myself, not because I’m stubborn and have anything to prove, but because as any Tough Mudder knows “my best will make me better.” My results are my motivation to keep going.


My original intent for WTM was just to get there, to know that I had done everything possible to deserve to be there. I envisioned WTM as a 24-hour celebration of everything I’d achieved throughout the year. Yet as the date for my 24-hour odyssey in the desert nears, I’ve decided to re-frame that intent. Yes, I will celebrate all that I’ve been able to do, but I also now see it as an opportunity to reinvent myself yet again. It’s taken a whole new me just to get there, and it will take a whole different me to earn my 24-hour headband. I plan to leave everything and then some on the course at Lake Las Vegas, and hopefully find something new as well.


Earning my 10x headband at TM SoCal on Halloween


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